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What is Vizzle?

Vizzle is a video crowdsourcing app that collects videos from multiple people and automatically combines them into a single video for sharing and marketing.

The Problem

The Problem

Businesses and other organizations need customer testimonials, but there exists no simple way to collect them via video and/or photo, and then to merge them into marketing videos. There does exist one company that allows businesses to collect customer testimonial videos, but we that service offers a limited use of the videos it collects. Additionally, this other service offers no means for a business to easily convert the videos it collects into into professional, branded marketing videos.

Additionally, for individuals simply looking to collect videos from friends and family to make a personal message video, such as a Happy Birthday video, we found only one company providing such a service, but they do not currently have an app, and their primary service is expensive manual editing of the videos a user collects for personal use.

The Idea

We decided to make a product that:

Makes this process easy: Remove the technical barriers to requesting, collecting, and managing videos for any product, service, cause, event or occasion.

Removes sharing challenges: Make it super simple for even the least technical or the least social media savvy person to send a video to a company or another person without it losing quality.

Edits automatically: Automatically make professionally edited branded or personalized videos from the individual videos collected.

Makes marketing collateral: Provide an easy way to incorporate these videos into any marketing campaign, while providing actionable analytics.

A Personal Example

The Birthday Video I Made For My Wife

Before we got the idea for Vizzle, I wanted to make a Happy Birthday video for my wife, but I couldn't find an app to facilitate it. So I had to email and text friends and family requesting their videos. Many people had real trouble trying to figure out how to send me a video, and of those who did, many of their videos arrived low quality. After weeks of waiting and hours of editing, below is the video I made. Vizzle would have made this SO much easier.

The Solution


Easily create a collaborative video greeting card or testimonial video for any occasion or cause.

How It Works: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Create your Vizzle project and invite people to send you videos

You create your project which involves naming it, adding captions to your video, and uploading an image, which can be your logo or a picture of the person the finished video will be sent to. You then send an invitation (via text or email through the app) to everyone you want to collaborate on your video. If the invitation is open to the public, the invitation can be posted online as a link or even a QR code. This invitation explains what type of video the invitee should send.

Step 2: Collaborators Submit Their Videos

Other people send you the videos you requested through the iOS or Android mobile app, or through a webpage on which a someone can record their video and send it to you.

Step 3: Receive your videos and let Vizzle make your final, edited video

You arrange the collaborators' videos in the order you prefer (if you want), and tap "make my video". The app makes the final video, which is branded if it's a company video or appropriately themed if it's a personal video (such as Happy Birthday), including music, captions, and transitions between video clips.


3 Mock Examples of Vizzle Videos

Realtor Tesimonials

Wedding Congratulations

Retirement Video

The Market Opportunity

Vizzle combines two huge user bases:

1. Businesses

Businesses and brands who need customer/audience reviews (for profit, non-profit, academic, political, athletic, etc.)

2. Individuals

Individuals who like sharing videos and sending greeting cards (for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.)

How large is our target market?

  • In 2010 there were 27.9 million small businesses, and 18,500 firms with 500 employees or more. 2.8 million businesses claimed on Yelp, and 121,000 local advertisers on Yelp.
  • There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the U.S.
  • 350,000 Churches and houses of worship in America / the world, attended by roughly 63 million people weekly
  • There are over 15,000 school districts in the U.S., and over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S.
  • There are over 500,000 elected US officials. 63% of Americans have participated in some form of political activity in the last 12 months.
  • There are over 140 professional sports teams in the US, and over over 100 colleges have multiple NCAA sports teams.
  • In 2015 almost 60 millions concert tickets were sold in the US.
  • Social video sites have over 2 billions users.
  • Magisto , the largest video editing app boasts over 80 million users (as of August 2016).
  • The greeting card industry is huge: 6.5 billing greeting cards purchased yearly. Annual sales are $7 - $8 billion.* There are many “Greeting Card” apps with millions of downloads, even one by Hallmark. But none allow collaborative video greeting cards.
  • Aside from business use, occasions to use Vizzle for the individual are endless. Aside from birthdays, graduations and other personal events, there are over 2,300 holidays and national observances in the U.S., such as Teacher Appreciation Day.


Who Will Use Vizzle and For What Occasions?

Become a Vizzler

Throughout our marketing and branding, we will use the term "Vizzler" to describe our users. The merged videos made through Vizzle will also have a nickname, such as "Vizzy". So, for example, as Vizzle becomes popular, people will know what it means to receive a "Vizzy" for their birthday.



Businesses of any size


  • Businesses request and collect video testimonials and product reviews
  • Provide customers the opportunity to submit video testimonials
  • Merge customer testimonials into a single branded video to market the business on and offline
  • Businesses categorize collected videos for other marketing activities
vizzle business demo

Non-Profits: CBO’s, FBO’s & NGO’s

Non-Profits of any size


  • Provide donors / the public a way to send in videos expressing their support of a cause or mission
  • Merge these people's videos into a single branded video to raise awareness/support of the cause or mission
  • Allow or require people to send a donation along with their video
  • Integrate with social media to provide potential for a video/cause/mission to go viral and/or attract celebrity support/endorsement
vizzle non profit demo

Individuals: For Personal Use


Anyone with a smartphone

Later Versions: Anyone with a computer with a webcam

Usage – Any significant event in someone’s life, such as:

vizzle wedding demo
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Retirement
  • Graduation
  • New baby
  • Get well soon
  • Condolences
  • Funerals
  • New job

And let's not forget holidays and national observances, like Teacher Appreciation Day. Altogether, there are over 2,300 holidays and national observances in the U.S.

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Retirement
  • Graduation
  • New baby
  • Get well soon
  • Condolences
  • Funerals
  • New job

And let's not forget holidays and national observances, like Teacher Appreciation Day. Altogether, there are over 2,300 holidays and national observances in the U.S.

Competition Analysis

The first 3 companies below are the closest competition. The other are more alternative than direct competitors. Android downloads are available in Google Play, and we've listed that number for each competitor. Apple does not provide download numbers in The App Store. That is why there are no iPhone download numbers in this section.

tribute logo


We found out about Tribute after we had already started working on Vizzle. We feel strongly that Tribute will be our primary competitor, as their services are nearly identical to ours, and they are currently actively marketing their business.

Tribute began as a B2C web app that lets people request videos form others and merge them into a single personal montage video. They claim 100,000 users. They have no free service for personal users. Users pay per video project. In March 2017 they announced the beta version of their business service, which lets businesses collect video testimonials, merge them into a single video and use those videos for marketing purposes.


As of March 2017, they still do not have a mobile app, but they have a Kickstarter campaign to fund it, and that campaign has met its first goal.



When we began working on Vizzle, we were unaware of this company. Boast is a web and mobile app that lets businesses collect customer testimonials, both in video and text. It then displays those on a webpage. It does not merge those videos. It simply facilitates their collection and display online. People can send testimonials through the Boast app or the business's website.

Boast's app has not been updated since June of 2015, so we believe Web Ascender is not actively pursuing Boast as service or separate company.

Downloads Per Platform:
: 100 - 500
iPhone: Not enough reviews for a rating
Android: 4 out of 5 stars



Current leader, but more of an alternative than direct competition

The is the leading done-for-you video editing app. Allows you to create a video from photos and videos on your mobile device, but does not let people send you their videos. It is not intended specifically for “video greeting cards”, but they have launched a new Business service to for businesses to create videos with the app. As of August 2016, Magisto claims over 80 million users.


Android: 10 million +

iPhone: 4.3 stars

Android:  4.3 stars

StoryBox Logo


StoryBox allows businesses to collect videos and photos from customers. The video collection aspect of StoryBox is facilitated through a web app the company created under its previous name VideoGenie. According to their CEO, they transitioned from VideoGenie to Storybox in early 2014, based on customer feedback, to focus on collecting all types of posts from across all social media platforms, which is done via hashtag and keyword, although they do still allow customers to send videos to brands via a web application.

StoryBox does not offer an app, nor does it allow individuals to collect videos for personal message videos, such as a Happy Birthday video. They target businesses exclusively.



Does provide the same collaboration feature as Vizzle, but...

Allows the creation a video from a user's own photos and videos, as well as videos sent from other people, but without guiding users through a simple process to create “video greeting cards” or “testimonial videos”.

Interesting fact: Mixbit was created by Chad Hurley, YouTube co-founder, but seems to no longer be actively worked by the company. Last update and blog post was in 2015.


Android: 5,000 - 10,000

iPhone: 3.5 stars

Only 1 rating in 2015. All other ratings in 2013.

Android: 3.7 out of 5 stars



Let's users create "social movies", which are videos comprised of clips shot and uploaded to the service by different people. While it has an option to create a video for a product, the process is very cumbersome. Overall, the service focuses on the creation of "social movies", and is not tailored to the marketing needs of a business.


Android: Up to 5,000

iPhone: Not enough to publish a rating

Few, but overall positive reviews for creating social movies.

Android: 3.3 stars



Allows users to edit and merge videos that are already on their phone, but it also lets you "collaborate" with other people's videos by tagging them on Facebook, in "real time", which appears to be the only form of collaboration.


Android: 50,000 - 100,000

iPhone: 4.5 stars

Good reviews but only 9 reviews since 2014

Android: 4.3 stars

Our Team

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor: Co-Founder, CEO

Over 15 years in web design, online marketing, SEO, media production, event promotion and marketing, non-profit partnerships, business management and development

Chris Denny

Chris Denny: Co-Founder, COO

Over 15 years in online marketing, copy writing, SEO, PPC, management and business development. Founder and president of Lead Optimize Outsourced Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Sales Channels

1.  Sales through our website

2. Upgrades through the app

3. Affiliates - marketing companies selling Vizzle to their clients

4. Sales staff – networking and cold calling business prospects

Marketing Activities

1.  Trade shows, conventions, networking

2. Social media marketing

3. PR & endorsements, use by influencers

4. Business users and their video collaborators lead to personal users

5. Online ads (Google and Facebook)

Engaging & Education Organizations

Prior to launch, and ongoing, we will identify and engage key influencers and applicable staff at businesses and non-profits such as churches, NGO’s and CBO’s.

Engagement: Where will we find them?

Existing contacts  and networks of the founders, social media and online ads

Education: What will we teach them?

Local businesses >> How to create and use customer testimonials to market the business online and offline

Non-profits & Faith-based organizations>> How to create “support the cause” and “call to action” videos to advance the mission and fundraising efforts.


Revenue Strategies & Projections

Vizzle will utilize a freemium revenue strategy. We will offer limited free use of the app, and users can pay to upgrade to increased personal use or business user.

Personal Users


  • Create unlimited projects per month
  • Invite as many people as you want to each project
  • Make up to 4 group (merged) videos per month
  • Combine up to 5 different videos into each group video
  • Each person you invite can send you a video up to 15 seconds long
  • Limited selection of themes and music
  • Cannot download final merged videos (can only view and share in Vizzle)
  • Ad supported

Personal Premium: $20/year

  • Create unlimited projects per month
  • Invite as many people as you want to each project
  • Make up to 20 group videos per month
  • Combine up to 20 different videos into each group video
  • Each person you invite can send you a video up to 30 seconds long
  • Larger selection of themes and music
  • Can download final merged videos

Business Users

All Business plans include the following

  • Industry-specific video themes
  • Video and Campaign Manager tool
    • Store all incoming videos for ongoing marketing use
    • Stores final merged videos
    • Can download individually submitted videos with your company branding on them for stand-along user (separately from the merged videos)
    • Categorize incoming videos by product, service or any other taxonomy
    • Upload all their products and services and launch a Vizzle campaign for each product or service (or the company as a whole)
    • Keep track of which product or services have ongoing or completed Vizzle campaigns, and how much engagement/videos/comments/shares they are receiving
    • Keep track of which products or services have no videos, so a first or repeat campaign can be launched for them.
    • Deploy videos to different places - company website, social media sites, etc.
    • Track views, shares and collaborators per product or service
    • Launch new Vizzle campaigns
    • Create / edit Vizzle campaign landing pages
    • Add or remove videos from the business's Vizzle video wall
  • Automatic landing page creation for each Vizzle campaign
    • Landing page for calls to action to request videos for each campaign to explain videos needed, display incentive, and any other relevant information
    • Landing page to showase each final merged videos
    • Landing page to showcase received videos per campaign
  • Video wall
    • A page on the company's site that showcases all of their merged videos and individual submissions
    • Videos can be filtered and searched by product, service or other hashtag
    • This video wall can be seen on the Vizzle website, or embedded onto the business's website
  • Company-branded throughout entire video
  • Company can download final merged video and embed on their website or post to social media
  • No ads
  • No Vizzle watermark or tag

Business Basic: $30/month or $240/year

  • Create 3 campaigns per month
  • Create up to 4 group (merged) videos per campaign
  • Video storage level 1 (Amount of GB or videos to be determined.)
  • 30 seconds per collaborator's video max
  • All other business feature

Business Plus: $60/month or $597/year

  • Create 10 campaigns per month
  • Create up to 4 group (merged) videos per campaign
  • Video storage level 2 (Amount of GB or videos to be determined.)
  • 30 seconds per collaborator's video max
  • More advanced themes and music to choose from
  • Up to 3 user accounts for the business
  • All other business feature

Enterprise: Priced per account

  • For large brands and organizations who need more space and other specific features

Revenue Projections: Breaking Even in 3 Years

Based on very conservative revenue projections

revene chart 5-11-17
expenses chart 5-11-17
profit chart 5-11-17


$500K for 25%

As of April 2017, a live alpha version of Vizzle is available in the App Store. The alpha version of the Android app should be available in May 2017. The $500k will be used to build the beta for our iOS and Android apps, the beta for the business user video manager web application , hire key staff, begin marketing, and to cover our expenses for AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is where all of the technical functions of Vizzle operates and where all of our media is stored.

Estimated summary of use of funds:

$500,000 raise

60%    Salaries (tech and non-tech)

25%     Marketing

10%    Operations

5%       Amazon Web Services: Storage, bandwidth and computing services


Contact Information

Robert Taylor

  + 1 (713) 570-6933